Saturday, April 23, 2011

Amy Paterson Film Photo

Today's featured shop is Amy Paterson Film Photo!  Amy hails from Scotland, and has an incredibly lovely collection of photographs.  I fell in love with her work because of the whimsical and almost vintage feel of the photographs, and I think you will too :)

"Bluebells II"
CM:  When did you start taking photographs, and what prompted you to start? What are your favorite subjects?
AP:  I grew up with a Scottish artist for a Father and a cultured Bavarian for a Mother, so needless to say when my dad bought me an SLR Camera when I was about 16, their inspiration motivated me to experiment with film photography and I have loved it ever since!  Snapping at whatever is around me that I find aesthetic, which could be anything from a book to a beatiful view. (My cats crop up a lot too!)  I currently live with my husband and two cats in our humble flat, volunteering most of the time but also selling my prints online at Etsy.

"Wild Strawberries"

CM:  What inspires you? A mood? A subject? A place? What do you hope others take from your photographs?
AP:  Honestly, when I have my camera in hand, almost nothing escapes a photographing.  I get a little snaphappy!  But certainly beautiful views, a pretty face, complimenting colours, things and places dear to me all make me happy to photograph and I just hope that others can enjoy the things I do.

"Alloway Beach"

CM:  What do you find to be the best thing about selling on Etsy? The most challenging?
AP:   I love how Etsy has an abundance of teams and members you can converse with and get help and tips from, it`s like a jungle starting up so it`s good to have people you can go to and give and get advice from.  But because Etsy is such a large place, it can be hard to stand out amongst all these other fantastic shops.

CM:  What's your favorite item from your own shop?
AP:  I think it has to be my "Fireplace" print.  I took this at my dad`s flat.  I had just bought an old Minolta from ebay and I took a test roll around his flat, and they turned out great!  I just really love the colours in this one and all his bits and bobs nicely arranged.


CM:  What's a favorite shop or item of yours on Etsy?
I absolutely love this print.  It`s by Tiny Art Shop.  I have it and another similar one sitting in my basket, waiting until I have a little money spare to buy them!
I`m not really sure why I love them, I just look at it and it makes me gleefull :)


Thank you to Amy!  Stay tuned for the next featured shop!
(All images in this post copyright Amy Paterson.)

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  1. Very nice work, I like the beach and the light house. So serene.