Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello Out There!

As a devoted Etsy seller (and buyer), I want this blog to be all about showcasing and sharing the inspirations, processes and creations of talented Etsians from around the world. 

Etsy is overflowing with creativity and talent, but it's sometimes difficult to hone in on what makes each member special.  So, to kick things off, I'll peruse my Etsy teams and recently opened shops, and randomly select a shop to feature on this site. 

A bit about me...

"Golden Eye" From Kézi
I've been working in Health Economics for the past five years.  Though I majored in Psychophysiology in college, I've always been drawn to the scientific method and research in general.  I'm someone who actually loves programming and statistics; however, the urge to exercise some creativity drew me to creating handmade jewelry in my free time... 

And thus, Kézi was born.
"Julia" From Kézi
I'm a huge - perhaps fanatical - dog lover, so a portion of the proceeds from my shop go to The Humane Society of the United States.  I'm also a big fan of Bikram yoga, the great outdoors, and immersing myself in foreign cultures.  I've been fortunate enough to live in Thailand, Hungary, Austria and Italy.  (Kézi means "handmade in Hungarian.)

"Moonlight" From Kézi
All of these loves permeate every piece of jewelry I make.  I appreciate intricate simplicity, the beautfy of subtle and natural imperfections, and the energy and craftsmanship of jewelry made by hand.  My favorite materials and methods include sterling, vermeil, semi-precious stones, glass and wire-wrapping. 

"Whisper" From Kézi

In the meantime, while I work on my first shop feature, please feel free to check me out elsewhere in the interwebs...

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  2. Thank you for the shout out to Timeless Paper!

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