Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pictures from Paris, etc.

It's been a crazy few weeks for me; traveling and attending more weddings in one month than I have in the past year.  I'm glad to be home, and happy that the love and romance I've seen and felt recently remain with me, even as I set out on rainy morning commutes.  Today's featured shop, Pictures from Paris, etc., does just that - captures whimsical beauty and preserves a delicate romance through gorgeous photographs.  Owner Sonja is able to find charm and enchantment in scenes from everyday life as well as from destinations most only dream of visiting.    

Paris Metro - 9" x 12" Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

CM: Tell us a bit about yourself...
SC: I'm obsessed with travel - most recently Paris, in particular. I'm also pretty much still a kid at heart, easily excitable, laugh really easily, and kind of lazy at times.

Rainy Day in Paris - Montmartre - 8" x 8" Original Signed Fine Art Photograph 

CM: What got you interested in photography? Did someone teach you?
SC: When I was in high school, I got really into trying to photograph sunsets, but it was always so difficult to capture the colors. Aside from that, I guess that travel got me into photography, because I wanted to remember everything. My boxes of photos are my catalogue of memories. (As is my music collection.) Later on, in college, I took a few photography classes.

I Love You in 250 Languages and 311 Ways - Paris - Mur des "Je t'aime" -
12" x 24" Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

CM: What inspires your photography? What are your favorite subjects?
SC: I like colorful things, mostly. Flowers, scenery, architecture, desserts. I guess I don't have a particular favorite, it's more about what catches my eye.

Ritsurin Koen - Japanese Tea Garden - Takamatsu, Japan,
8" x 10" Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

CM: What's the best thing about selling on Etsy? The most challenging?
SC: I love that I can reach such a wide audience! Imagining that my prints are in so many different places is really cool.
The most challenging part, I think, is making new listings, or renewing older items, so I can keep my visibility up. It takes me a while to make a new listing because I have 1000s of photos that I need to sort through. Picking which ones to use, and then post-processing them can take me a really long time.

Day at the Fun Fair - Paris, France - 5" x 5" Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

CM: What's your favorite item from your own shop right now?
SC: My favorite item is my Macaron Rainbow. It makes me happy to look at, and they were so delicious to eat. I took the photo in the kitchen of one of the apartments I was living in, in Paris, so it's a really sweet memory for me. It was my first attempt at food photography, and it was very gratifying.

Macaron Rainbow - 8" x 12" Original Signed Fine Art Photograph 

CM: Do you have a favorite shop or item on Etsy? If so, which one(s)? 
SC: Oh, man... There is so much awesome stuff on Etsy, I don't even know where to begin I have a lot of shops in my "Favorites" list, but I've been tryng to curb my love for shopping, so I try not to look around too much. I must say, though, that when I first decided to make an Etsy shop, I found AliciaBock's shop to be particularly inspiring.

Cherry Blossoms in Turquoise 5" x 5" Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

Thank you, Sonja!  Stay tuned for more great Etsy shops!


  1. My desire to travel to Paris has only been exacerbated by these amazing photographs!! Every picture makes you feel something. Excellent!

  2. Thank you so much for this and for all the praise! I don't think I've ever heard someone describe my shop so eloquently. What an ego boost!