Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seafarer Gifts

Summer's here, but it sure doesn't feel that way today in finicky Palo Alto.  Sitting here in a sweater and thick socks, I can't stop daydreaming about somewhere tropical.  Since I can't just hop on a plane and fly to Hawaii, I'm thrilled to feature Seafarer Gifts, which offers gorgeous accessories, decor and photography inspired by the ocean.  Inspiration goes a step further, as Seafarer's creations naturally incorporate bits and pieces of the beautiful Hawaiian islands.

Hawaiian Shell Spiral Post Earrings 

CM: Tell us a bit about yourself...
Seafarer : I spent my childhood summers on a small island in New Jersey. And even in NJ, where life was usually hectic and fast paced, NYC style, life was different on the island, and I loved it. I always knew it was the life for me. Now that I'm all grown up with children of my own, I still cherish island style, and am grateful to be living in the Hawai'ian Islands. I love being in nature whether it's on the beach or in the mountains and jungles, and that is reflected in my crafts, style and photography.

Elastic Hairband with Purple Shell and Feather

CM: When and how did you start crafting? Did someone teach you?
Seafarer : My mother was very creative and artistic, from fashion to crafting. She would always have some sort of crafts for me to be engaged in, like sewing clothes for my barbie dolls or beading Christmas ornaments. For holidays and birthdays we always made homemade cards and gifts. To this day, my sister and I spend the time we are together doing something creative, and sharing our craft ideas.

Natural Grass Hawaiian Shell Necklace

CM: How long does it take you to make a piece to sell? What's the process like? Your workspace?
Seafarer : I have a few different types of art I enjoy, but the ones I'm focusing on right now are my beach themed accessories, photography, and stencil design. Stencils are based on my photography and design. To create the image, it can take me days and sometimes weeks. Then I can cut the stencil in a few hours. Because of the time involved, I always feel a big sense of pride and accomplishment when I finish.
My mermaid inspired accessories are the result of my love of beach combing. I am a mermaid at heart and love the raw, natural look of sea-worn shells. Depending on the piece, it will take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. I have a desk in my bedroom which needs organizing badly! There are sand and shells all over it!
As time goes on, I plan to feature more of my photography.

Shell Bobby Pins Brown (Set of 3)

CM: What's the best thing about selling on Etsy? The most challenging?

Seafarer : I am new to Etsy, so I am just learning the process. I love the support of the other sellers and teams and getting favorites. The challenging part is the virtual nature of it; I am not there when someone is looking to say, "Here, try it on! " I love selling at my local market for this reason; I get to see the customer wearing my designs. The other challenging thing is waiting patiently for a sale! 

Mermaid's Crown Headband with Hawaiian sand and shells

CM: What's your favorite item from your own shop right now?

Seafarer : I recently added a headband which part of me wishes I could have kept for myself!! But I realize that seeing others in my designs makes me much more happy!

Hawaiian Cowrie Shell Post Earrings 

CM: Do you have a favorite shop or item on Etsy? If so, which one(s)?
Seafarer : The amount of talent on Etsy humbles me greatly!!
My recent finds to whom I keep returning to drool over are:

You can find Seafarer on Facebook here.

Thank you, Seafarer!  Stay tuned for more great shops!


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